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Putting climate change policy under pressure

Standard Bank Group last week also signed the 2014 Global Investor Statement on Climate Change. We join the world’s largest financial institutions in calling for world governments to amend climate change policy prior to United Nations Environment Summit. Karin Ireton, Head of Sustainability Management at Standard Bank Group, was there.

One small step for climate change

With the United Nations Climate Summit taking place this past week, Karin Ireton, Head of Sustainability Management at Standard Bank Group, shares her experiences of the summit.

New York in the week of the UN’s General Assembly meetings is a crazy place to be. This year, in addition to the General Assembly, the UN Secretary General held a Climate Leadership Summit which attracted hundreds of people from the private sector and non-governmental organisations.

Yes, we really have to prepare for the festive season…

As the old adage goes, “failing to plan is planning to fail,” and so should your finances be treated, especially before the big splurge this festive season.

Over-spending in December leaves most of us deflated as we enter a new year. Although you can’t avoid the festive season you can avoid unnecessary stress and strain on your wallet by planning and making sure that you have the proper tools in place.

Here are some tips on how to effectively prepare for the festive season:

1. Plan and allocate a budget

Iketsetse-Zenzele Season 2, Episode 34

Zak wants a Standard Bank Home Loan so he is living on a budget. He even packs lunch from home instead of buying takeaways. What other cash saving and budgeting tips do you have?

Mlu asks to borrow money out of the shops petty cash. Very suspicious.

Grace is very impressed that Zak has taken initiative to sort out his credit record by paying off all his debt.

Mlu’s request has gotten Zak into trouble. Find out how TT reacts to this.

You can listen to and download this episode in all 10 of the official languages:


How Not To Fall Victim To Internet Fraud

The digitisation of payments means that in addition to the ease and convenience of online banking comes the need for extra security. In this post, we share some of the common and prevalent types of internet frauds that you should be wary of whenever you are online.

Identity theft
Identity theft involves criminals stealing money by pretending to be someone else. It occurs in various ways such as using someone’s card details illegally to make purchases or assuming someone else’s identity to open bank accounts, take out loans and conduct illegal business.

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