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Investing in African Mining

The annual Mining Indaba, where the movers and shakers of the mining world meet, will be taking place from the 9th February until 12th February 2015, at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

The Mining Indaba is often described as the centre to conduct business and make key relationships to sustain mining investment interests.

Iketsetse-Zenzele Season 3, Episode 1

Your favourite radio drama Iketsetse-Zenzele is back! This is what happens in the first episode of season 3.

The stokvel members host a successful fundraiser to boost their savings.

Virus is back! What does this mean for the community?

Something awful happens to Search. Will he survive?

You can listen to and download this episode in 10 of the official languages:


Standard Bank opens innovation hub The PlayRoom

Embodying Standard Bank’s commitment to bring innovative solutions to market, is the PlayRoom – a 1927 sq. brand new creative hub in Rosebank, Johannesburg. Opening its doors in January 2015, the space boasts clean lines, bright colours and modern, playful design. The very opposite of a corporate environment, The PlayRoom was created to bring people together to solve real-life customer challenges through collaborative innovation.

We sell part of our London operations

Standard Bank Group has finalised the sale of a controlling stake in our global markets business outside of Africa to our long-standing strategic partner, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited (ICBC). This entails us having sold ICBC a 60% stake in Standard Bank Plc, which is a London-based operation.

The name of the joint venture will be changed to reflect its joint ownership after necessary approvals are obtained.

Want To Learn A New Skill In 2015? These 5 Principles Will Help You Get Started

Do you plan to acquire a new skill this year? Learning a new skill gives you access to new opportunities and can greatly increase your earning potential. A skill is an acquired ability, used to smoothly carryout complex activities. It can be hard but if you follow these 5 principles, you should find that it’s easier.

1. Be ready
Everyone learns best when they are ready to learn - prepare yourself physically and mentally. If you can identify a clear objective and a definite reason to acquire a new skill, then it will be easy for you to push through.

2. Commitment is key

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