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Help lighten the power load

South Africa is in the grip of another cold winter and with it an exaggerated shortage of power. We can all make a difference by choosing not to run geysers and big applicances like ovens, stoves and washing machines in the between the critical hours of 5pm and 9pm.

For families it does mean thinking differently, such as cooking suppers earlier and keeping it warm in a Wonderbag ( For the longer term you may consider switching to gas for cooking or solar for water heating.

Green energy progress in South Africa

The success of the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement programme (REIPP) in South Africa has been celebrated as a victory for alternative energy generation in Africa.

We recognise the importance of renewable energy and have assisted in bringing 121.5MW of renewable energy to the national grid through three projects. These projects are part of Standard Bank Group’s commitment to fund more than 940MW of renewable energy under the REIPP initiated by the South African government.

Watch this video to find out more about these projects

Powering Africa takes international focus

Africa counts for a sixth of the world’s population, but only generates four percent of global electricity. The upcoming Africa Energy Forum (AEF) taking place in Istanbul, Turkey, from 18-20 June will highlight projects that will improve Africa’s power infrastructure.

The conference is the largest event on African power and will bring all the major players in the industry together to identify solutions for the African continent.

Explaining the new Unutilised Facility Fee for Business Accounts

As a trusted business partner, Standard Bank believes it has a role to play in ensuring that our customers get the best value possible from our financial solutions – this includes avoiding charging our customers unnecessary fees.

It has become necessary to introduce a fee to our Business Banking overdraft facilities . The fee charged will be used to cover our continuous cost of capital which, in terms of existing regulations, has to be reserved against unused overdraft facilities.
What is the impact of this?

Get #snappy with SnapScan

Few of us can say we aren’t attached to our phones, they are an indispensable part of our daily lives. There are apps for everything from smart diaries to smart banking. Now with SnapScan, you can have access to your wallet Its the new and convenient way to pay for your purchase with your smartphone.

It’s an app that offers a convenient, safe and secure way for South Africans to transact.

Reputation drives business

Standard Bank Group has been acknowledged as having the second best corporate reputation among the largest listed companies in South Africa.

Reputation Institute, a leading international organisation devoted to advancing knowledge about corporate reputations, carries out an annual survey to establish a list of South Africa’s most reputable companies. It asks respondents to rate companies on key reputation factors such as products and services, financial performance, leadership, governance, citizenship, innovation and workplace.

Nigeria: Africa’s giant

A large part of West Africa’s economic activity is based in Nigeria, establishing Nigeria as the gateway to West Africa. The recent rebase of the Nigeria GDP now reflects Nigeria as the largest economy in Africa with a GDP of US$510-billion, highlighting its important economic influence on the entire region.

Sustainable employment to create prosperous future for all in Africa

Africa remains the least developed continent globally but is gradually beginning to realise its true economic potential.

According to recent research by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) seven of the world's 10 fastest-growing economies are African. Africa is also the second-largest and second-most-populous continent. Africa’s young population at an estimated 200-million people is in itself is a key factor in helping the region realise its true potential.

Africa needs to address infrastructure issues

While West Africa is seen as the new economic growth zone, Africa as a whole is still facing key challenges impacting on its ability to achieve its true economic potential. A key factor requiring attention is the lack of developed infrastructure to meet the growing demand for goods across the continent as a whole, and particularly within individual countries.

West Africa the gateway for investors

Foreign investors are becoming more aware of the investment opportunities available in West Africa and are seeing the region as the next growth hub for driving economic development in Africa.

In the West Africa region, Nigeria and Ghana are seen as the two most important economies and the countries that offer the most opportunities for investment and have a well-developed financial sector.

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