Standard Bank is changing their image and Moving Forward, so to help their clients make the right connections and reach their full potential. Let Standard Bank be the bank that takes you from where you are, to where you want to be.

The economics of conservation

The inherent beauty and value of wildlife is for some of us sufficient reason to value them and want to protect them. But, in a world of growing populations, wildlife often competes with the need for infrastructure and economic development, with governments often struggling to juggle competing demands for money and sufficient resources for conservation.

So, it is important to remember that tourism linked to wildlife is an important driver of economic development and growth and in itself creates many jobs.


Limited resources and funding are contributing to the efforts being made to get a grip on the brutal slaughter of our rhino. SANParks, which operates numerous parks across South Africa, has recorded 166 rhinos have been poached since January this year, with 111 in the Kruger National Park alone.

We are passionate about saving the rhino and to show just how passionate we are, we have developed an initiative where our community can help us make a difference.

Our focus remains Africa!

As Africa’s largest lender, the Standard Bank Group’s operations in Africa showed great growth in our 2013 financial year, results of which were announced yesterday.

Chief Executive Sim Tshabalala reaffirmed yesterday that our Africa strategy remains unchanged and we are still focused on being the leading African-focused financial services organisation, using all our competitive advantages to the full.

While we are exposed to faltering commodity prices, we have continued expansion in sub-Saharan Africa economies, including those not “resource-rich”.

Saving money and our future

South Africans are again being reminded that their electrical supply is neither secure nor buffered by sufficient reserve margin. What that means is any little hiccup within supplier Eskom’s generating system can cause a shortage. Karin Ireton, Head of Sustainability Management at Standard Bank Group, asks why South Africans don’t do more to protect their businesses and their lifestyles by investing in energy efficiency.

The Group produces satisfactory financial results

Standard Bank Group has produced a stable performance in 2013, increasing headline earnings per share by 14% and net asset value per share by 14%. Group return on equity has increased to 14.1% from 14.0% in 2012.

Results at a glance

Headline earnings: R17 194 million, up 15%
Headline earnings per share (HEPS): 1 064.9 cents, up 14%
Dividends per ordinary share: 533 cents (2012: 455 cents), up 17%
Capital adequacy: tier I capital adequacy ratio of 13.2% (2012: 11.2%)
Cost-to-income ratio: 58.5% (2012: 58.9%)
Credit loss ratio: 1.04% (2012: 1.08%)

Climate concerns a must for sustainable development

The impact of man on the earth’s climate has been well documented over the past two decades. Initiatives to curtail emissions that contribute to global warming are many, including industrialised countries having adopted limits to their emissions of greenhouse gases under the Kyoto Protocol.

The Kyoto Protocol is an international agreement linked to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and under internationally binding emission reduction targets have been set (

Learning to love saving

Do you find money plays an important part of your romantic relationship? As a couple, it’s important that you have the “money talk” fairly early on in your relationship – not after the moving truck is being loaded.

Sit down together and determine your financial styles. Look into how much debt each of you have and assess whether one prefers to splurge or the other is thrifty. Knowing this about each other can lessen the financial strain in the long run.

To help you reduce money-related stress and strain on your relationship, here are some tips for successful couple saving:

Skipping the queue

To ensure convenient and accessible banking last year we successfully launched the Smart Banking App end of the year.

Considering that 99% of all Namibians have access to a mobile phone, it just makes business sense that we introduce useful electronic banking channels, products and services that makes life easier for you.

Making your money work for you

Did you know that carefully managing your finances and making your money work for you maximises your earning potential? Well it’s true! All is possible through either investing or saving part of your hard earned cash every month. So get into the habit of saving or investing or both and make this put this goal on top of your goals for 2014.

Remember that there is a clear difference between Investing and Saving. Though two might seem or sound the same saving and investing are not the same things. Simply put saving is storing your money, while investing is growing your money.

Iketsetse Zenzele Episode 2

In this episode, Ma Angie is really worried about finances. With Lolo in boarding school and her caravan burning down, she doesn’t know how she will make ends meet. Grace mentions Sash and this just makes Ma Angie angry.

The two ladies move on to pregnancy talk.

Zak and Sebe have an argument. Sebe went on a shopping spree using Zak’s Access Credit Card, not knowing that Zak would get a MyUpdates notification of the transaction. Did you know that it is fraud to use someone else’s credit card without their permission?

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