Standard Bank is changing their image and Moving Forward, so to help their clients make the right connections and reach their full potential. Let Standard Bank be the bank that takes you from where you are, to where you want to be.

Mozambique is blooming

Natural gas projects, coal exporting and the development of associated infrastructure will soon help make Mozambique one of the fastest growing economies in southern Africa. Fáusio Mussa, chief economist at Standard Bank Mozambique, says the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) can be expected to grow 8% a year, which is higher than the 7.3% average of the past 10 years.

A real education in recycling

They’re big, really big. They play a key role in the economies of most countries because they are used to move goods. They’re shipping containers. But when they’ve served their original purpose they can continue to make a big impact. They are being recycled as workshops, offices, homes, clinics, libraries…you name it.

Malaria most deadly in sub-Saharan Africa

World Malaria Day on 25 April is a stark reminder of the dangers of this killer disease. Close on half of the world's population is at risk of malaria but it is in the sub-Saharan Africa region that the most malaria cases and deaths. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), along with HIV/Aids and tuberculosis, malaria is one of the biggest killers worldwide.

Malaria was the cause of 627,000 deaths in 2012, mostly among African children.

FICA in the spotlight

The South African Reserve Bank has taken a closer look at whether South Africa’s have the right administration controls in place to effectively fight money laundering and combat the financing of terrorism. These controls are laid down in the Financial Intelligence Centre Act, No. 38 of 2001, better known as FICA.

While a number of banks where found to have some shortcomings – and were fined as a result – none of these banks have in this Reserve Bank investigation been in any way implicated in facilitating transactions involving money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

Global Finance awards puts us first in Africa

Standard Bank Group has been chosen as the Best Bank in Africa by Global Finance magazine. In addition, We also received the country awards for Angola, South Africa and Uganda in Global Finance’s World’s Best Emerging Markets Bank Awards 2014.

Global Finance has also named Standard Bank Group as the Global Best Investment Bank in Frontier Markets and the Best Investment Bank in Africa in its 2014 World’s Best Investment Bank Awards.

Credit Information Amnesty: it’s not a joke

Good news for some people is that tomorrow (1 April) South African credit bureaus will remove all past adverse credit information they may hold on you. But what exactly does this all mean to you? And what information will stay on your record? How will banks know if you can afford to repay your credit? Does the amnesty mean I don’t have to repay my loans?

Very important: The Credit Information Amnesty does not mean that your debt will be wiped clean. You still have to repay all your loans.

Raising the standard on radio

Educating our customers on financial solutions has always been a top priority and we have achieved this by using the power of radio through our very first radio series, ‘Iketsetse-Zenzele.’

Our show has been so successful that it has been recognised by the Radio Advertising Bureau of South Africa (RAB) for outstanding use of the radio medium.

Use your power to support Earth Hour

On 29 March at 8.30 pm, we will be supporting Earth Hour, a symbolic event to raise awareness around climate change.

Climate change is happening and will affect all of us in our lifetimes. There are many things we can do as a company and as individuals to reduce the impact of climate change – most especially by using energy wisely, by investing in more energy efficient appliances and by thinking before we act.

Focus on getting learners into higher education

Despite having the potential to succeed at university, many learners do not achieve sufficiently high results on their school-leaving examinations to be considered for admission to university. Standard Bank South Africa is funding a project that is increasing the number and quality of learners entering into South African universities.

The R5,7-million funding will go towards further implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the National Benchmark Tests project.

African countries should look to each other for trade

Although trade between African countries has been increasing over the last five years, they can be doing a lot more business with one another, say Anne-Marie Woolley and Megan McDonald of Standard Bank Group’s Structured Trade and Commodity Finance units in London and Johannesburg explain.

While there are challenges, it is up to each country unlock the potential billions of additional dollars simply by placing more focus on trading with their African peers

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